Friday, January 7, 2011


Thoughts and thoughts; forming and dissolving
Like fireflies in summer's eve.
Here I sit; On this wet wood dock
And swim in a thoughtful sea.

The rise and ebb of dancing light
Dazing the calmed water-
A search of line, of shimmery horizon
Igniting my imbecile wonder.

Rendition of ripples, created with splash-
So thoughtless; in the vast ocean.
Shores kissed by the waves, in canopy of rays,
Laugh at my trembling reflection

I stare and gaze, the ink tint sky
To bridge things with some clouds,
I let me dive, in water so deep
To shed out all my doubts.


Wednesday, January 5, 2011


relate to this musical piece

Winds flow with tinge of love
Sky is doomed with self alone
I stare and wait to be with you
And Hope rekindle in my soul-

Time flies with swift birds
Burning sun is off with dusk
My tears shimmer in twilight’s flare
Still Hope rekindle in my soul-

Whispering springs remind me of you
Memories of you touch me like dew
I greet the moon with my rising despair
But I let Hope rekindle in my soul.

You and I will be together again
Wallow in snow, sing in rain
Till then I’ll stay with my endless wait
And wait and wait, till when I can.